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    • Villa 5 Anemoi
    • Villa Ostria
    • Apartment Lefkogia Prevelis
    • Villa 5 Anemoi

      Let us take you on a journey to the past century

      When we talk about summer holidays... It all comes down to charm. Why choose a house that looks like an old one instead of choosing an authentically old? After all, the original always surpasses the duplicate. A dive into authenticity.

      • Located in Lefkogia village (0,8 km away from the farm)
      • Free access to all 5 acres of the farm
      • 170m2 interior / 125m2 exterior / 25m2 parking area
      • 4 air conditioned bedrooms (3 with a double / 1 with two single beds)
      • 2 bathrooms with shower cabin
      • Fully equipped kitchen
      • Free parking space right outside the garden
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    • Villa Ostria

      A lovely cottage just inside a farm!

      When we talk about summer holidays... It all comes down to feelings. Feel the serenity... A holiday rental surrounded by trees, a spectacular mountain scenery and ...animals! Pick your animal to love!

      • Located on the farm (0,8 km away from Lefkogia village)
      • Free access to all 5 acres of the farm
      • 80m2 divided on two floors
      • 2 air conditioned bedrooms (1 with a double / 1 with three single beds)
      • 1 bathroom with shower cabin
      • Fully equipped kitchen
      • Secure parking area
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    • Apartment Lefkogia Prevelis

      A cosy, picturesque apartment, in the center of Lefkogia village!

      When we talk about summer holidays... It all comes down to culture! Mix and mingle with the villagers. Feel the vibes of the village! Be a part of us... It's fun! Enjoy every day's life, take back home precious memories!

      • Located in Lefkogia village (0,8 km away from the farm)
      • Free access to all 5 acres of the farm
      • 65m2 divided on two floors
      • Air conditioned bedroom with a double and a single bed
      • 1 bathroom with shower
      • Adequately equipped kitchen
      • Free parking on the surrounding roads
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Who we are

Starting with our family house, Villa 5 Anemoi, that has been renovated and successfully run as a holiday rental since 2008, our small family business expanded with our charming little house Lefkogia - Prevelis, right in the center of Lefkogia village, only 2 km away from 4 out of numerous wonderful beaches. Both properties are within a few meters of cafes, restaurants and a small super market which sells all the basic amenities and fresh bread every morning.Our newly built holiday cottages are located on our 20.000 sq.m. organic farm, filled with olive, plane, cypress and a rich variety of citrus and other trees.

Ou friendly animals, living in their own fenced barns in about 100 m. away from the houses, contribute to the feeling of living literally surrounded by nature and help you detox, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A shaded kiosk right next to the pond with the goldfish, and a few hammocks and swings hanging under the trees compose enticing spots to enjoy a glass of wine, read your favorite book or just close your eyes while being surrounded by the peacefulness!

Lefkogia village in South Crete does not stand out only as an excellent starting point for excursions but also because it consists by itself a unique combination of a fetching mountain scenery, amazing beaches and fascinating gorges, all within a 5 km radius. Welcoming tavernas in Lefkogia and also in the nearby villages offer delicious dishes prepared by local products and traditional recipes. An ideal choice for those who are seeking authentic experiences out of their holidays.

You are encouraged to book yourself an unforgettable stay! You might as well book online or contact us in case you might need more information or any kind of clarifications.


  • Lefkogia Farm boat trips
    Boat and fishing trips

    Are you up for some fishing? Captain Tasos will gladly take you with him, share a tip or two with you about fishing, or simply take you on daily excursions by boat! What a delight! Explore the beaches also by boat by joining the scheduled boat trips or arrange a private trip for you and your family only! Because we are here to provide you with plenty of options! Well yes... you can have it all!

  • Lefkogia Farm horse riding
    Plakias Equestrian Club

    Managed according to north european quality standards, a horse riding center that loves these wonderful creatures! An experienced staff and well trained horses are waiting for you, for a ride to the mountains, among the meadows of the village, even to the beach! Guided horseback riding tours! You want more? You, yourselves, can be experts in horse riding! Get a package for horse riding lessons!

  • Lefkogia Farm tend to our animals
    Tend to our animals

    Show me a kid who does not love animals and I will say “Impossible!”. By the way... did you know that pigs love taking a shower? Well, yes they do! Join us if you are in the mood for taking care of the animals, feeding them and if you are up for some heavier activity ...even cleaning them! Although I am not an expert I could also give you a tip or two about riding a horse within the secure perimeter of the round pen.

  • Lefkogia Farm scuba diving
    Scuba diving

    Three scuba diving centers at the services of those who want to know even the tiny last detailed secrets of our area! A thrilling experience not only for advanced divers but also for beginners! Explore the crystal blue depths of our seas! Dance with the fish! You will not wish to come back on the surface!!! It's ok... no one will blame you! It's all so peaceful and magical down there!

  • Lefkogia Farm playground and gym
    Playground with Gym

    Let the kids play carefree at the playground, climb trees or jump on the trampoline, as you get fit!!! Α well organized plan lying on a brilliant combination! Who goes on holiday on a farm and does not get advantage of all opportunities? And who needs a fancy high tech gym? Rocky didn’t... You are on a farm, for God’s sake! Let’s ...rocky!!! It all comes to down to having fun!

  • Lefkogia Farm archery
    Archery & Sharpshooting

    Even holidays can be boring when all there is to do is to lie down and just observe... Live the summer at Lefkogia farm! Make every day count! So many activities to share with your family or friends. Have fun, enjoy, take advantage of all the experiences a stay on a farm can offer. Bows and a carabin are available upon request for those who want to take down all targets! Go ahead... Aim and shoot!

  • Lefkogia Farm local events
    Local happenings / events

    Feel the heartbeat of a rural village away from the office routine and the habits of city life! Let's visit the shepherds' pens up on the mountains and watch them shear their sheep in May. Join us in the vine harvest that usually takes place in August, or in our small fiestas while producing the raki, in October! Visit us in November when we pick the olives from our trees. A wonderful, refreshing break!

  • Lefkogia Farm hiking

    For those who love to hike, let us bring you in contact with experienced proffessional hikers who could take you into organized hiking tours up on the mountains, or to places you would like to visit and will decide in common! They could also provide you with the necessary equipment for the most demanding tours, preferably in spring time when the sun is mild and tender, but also in summers to different trails!


  • Beaches

    The amazing south coastline! You simply can not get bored! Instead you can not help but feel obliged to see them all!

    Lets start with the closest ones! Shinaria, Ammoudi, Ammoudaki, Klisidi and it goes on and on as one beach follows another to the west with Damnoni (4km), Plakias (5km), Fotinari (6km), Souda (7km), Rodakino, Ag. Marina, Frangokastelo, and to the east with Prevelis (5km), Keramiano Ammoudi (8km), Ag. Fotia, Triopetra, St Pavlos accesible also by boat! Pick a different beach every day.. You are going to love them all!

  • Prevelis Monastery

    The ruined Lower Monastery of St John the Baptist and the currently operational Upper Monastery of St John the Theologian.

    The old monastery was probably founded in the Middled Ages and served over several centuries as a religious and cultural centre for the local population. From there you can descend to Prevelis beach, that lays below the Upper Monastery, a beach well known for its beauty due to the Palmforest that lays behind it and also for being next to the spot where Kourtaliotis river meets the sea.

  • Kourtaliotis Gorge

    An amazing Treasure hunt all the way down to Kourtaliotis gorge.

    Surrounded by the huge rocks and the wild landscape, explore the gorge’s secrets, the small church of St Nikolas, the waterfalls, the lakes created by five streams that unite their forces until they end up putting out into Prevelis beach, passing through Prevelis palm forest! Its name comes from the whistles when strong winds blow through the rocks creating a sound like “krotala”(rattles)!

  • Nightlife

    Are you in the mood for some noise?

    Apart from the two local taverns with excellent home made food within walking distance, there is the option of Plakias, where people traffick due to the existence of bars, souvenir shops, lots of taverns with equally delicious food not to mention live music program (several times per week)! Who's in the mood for some dancing? You're definitely going to be spending some wonderful and lively holidays!

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